About Me


I grew up at the knee of a professional indexer, which is probably the only reason I knew the field existed when I was looking for a “real job” after over 20 years in uniform as an Air National Guard officer. Though I have been gradually learning to index for several years, I completed the respected USC Berkeley Extension course “Indexing: Theory and Application” before launching Harbor Indexing in 2022.

I specialize in back-of-the-book indexes for scholarly and trade books with a particular soft spot for social history, military history, family histories, and the social sciences. I holds a Master of Arts degree in American History and am also a professional genealogist and graduate of the Boston University Certificate of Genealogical Research program. As such, I understand the value of bringing history to life and making it accessible for researchers and historians.


I am available for consult by email, or by phone or text at (865) 585-6718.