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But Wait…What is an index and why do I need one?

Chances are if you found this page, you already know an index is that list of words and page numbers in the back of a book that helps you or your readers quickly identify and locate relevant information. If you have done any scholarly research, you are probably intimately familiar with indexes and have likely…

Why should I hire a professional indexer?

You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe even years working on your book. No one knows the subject quite like you, the author, who has been knee deep in the material for all of that time. Your publisher has just told you the page proofs are ready for review, and by the way it still needs an…

About Me

I am a professional indexer with over twenty years as an officer in the Air National Guard and a lifelong love of history, psychology, and the performing arts (both on and off the stage). I am continuing a family tradition of indexing that began with my mother, a former reference librarian, who I can also thank for my love of genealogy, hoarding of books, and habit of collecting eclectic information that comes in handy only in trivia contests.

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